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The Alumni Free Speech Alliance brings together alumni groups that seek to support free speech, academic freedom, and viewpoint diversity at their colleges and universities. The founding members of AFSA include the Cornell Free Speech Alliance, Davidsonians for Freedom of Thought and Discourse, Princetonians for Free Speech, the Jefferson Council, and the Generals Redoubt. Since 2021, 20 more alumni groups have joined the cause.

Members of AFSA believe that free speech, academic freedom, and viewpoint diversity are critical to the advancement of knowledge and to the very concept of a university. Yet surveys show that most college students have little understanding of these principles. Many students even oppose free speech, as revealed by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression’s (FIRE) College Free Speech Rankings.


On many campuses, students and faculty are attacked for exercising free speech. Unsurprisingly, self-censorship is common. According to FIRE’s College Free Speech Rankings, over 80% of students say they censor their viewpoints in the classroom, on campus, and online.

To preserve the purpose of their institutions, alumni must become involved to make the case for free speech and academic freedom and to provide support for faculty and students who speak up.

AFSA provides a mechanism for the exchange of information among its members on substantive and organizational issues. We also focus on encouraging the creation of alumni free speech groups at other colleges and universities and developing resources and tools to help new groups succeed.

While members of AFSA are alumni-focused, other interested parties, such as faculty and students, may also be involved. Each of the member groups is different in terms of its organizational structure and activities, but all are committed to promoting free speech, academic freedom, and viewpoint diversity.

Inquiries and comments may be submitted through the “Contact Us” page on this website.

Inquires and comments may be made through the “Contact Us” feature on this website.